Individual Counseling

In individual counseling you will have the opportunity to explore thoughts, feelings, fears and dreams.   The therapeutic relationship is first and foremost a place where you can develop a sense of safety and security.  You will be respected and honored for who you are.  However, as part of the therapeutic process, I may challenge your perceptions and beliefs in an effort to help you discover your goals and evolve in that direction. 

Our sessions can help you identify, articulate and communicate your thoughts, needs and feelings.  At times this may mean broadening your capacity to feel and express a wider range of emotions.  While processing the past or changing the present, you may experience feelings of loss, pain, joy and passion.  Therapy teaches you strategies and coping skills for dealing with these strong emotions.  Your well being and growth are always a priority.

Intimacy and relationships are often areas that people chose to work on in therapy.  Improving your self-esteem, self-confidence, and ability to communicate will help you make healthier choices in friends and partners. 


Couples Counseling

The challenge of sharing your life with another can be both joyful and difficult at times.  To develop and maintain an enjoyable and satisfying relationship, each individual must learn how to change and grow.  Therapy is a neutral place for partners to explore their relationship.  Some of the areas that couples may choose to work on include:

  • Building a greater sense of intimacy and connection
  • Improve communication and problem solving skills
  • Addressing problem areas that may have built up over time
  • Working out experiences in the relationship that were painful or unresolved
  • Resolving differences in beliefs, values and expectations
  • Learning how to support each other during times of stress or loss
  • Developing a team approach for parenting
  • Helping balance participation in work, family and individual activities
  • Increasing appreciation for each person's unique contribution to the family.